Summer Safety - Check Yourself

July 31, 2010 by Molly Huff

 With the recent recognition of National Sobriety Checkpoint Week and in the wake recent high-profile DUI arrests, we thought it appropriate to discuss drinking and driving in this month's blog.

We have all heard the horrific statistics - drunk driving is responsible for over 10,000 fatalities every year in the United States.  We have seen the heart-wrenching commercials, the mangled cars that MADD and SADD display to discourage driving under the influence, and everyone knows that drinking and driving is against the law.  

What do you need to know to keep yourself and others safe when it comes to drinking and driving?  Let's start with "how much is too much."  Legally, if your blood alcohol count (BAC) is .08 or above, you are considered to be driving under the influence.  For a 140 lb. adult, a .08 BAC is the equivalent of 2-3 alcoholic drinks.  Number of drinks is a poor measure of BAC, however, because of the variations in body mass, weight, height, etc.  The best rule of thumb to follow when deciding if you've had too much to drive is to play it safe.  If you have had anything alcoholic to drink whatsoever, don't roll the dice.  Call a cab or ask a friend to drive you.

If the problem seems to be more serious than just having a few drinks at a party and determining a designated driver, there are many confidential options locally where you or a loved one can seek help.  Talk with your local physician or primary health care provider.  Also,  Lakeside Addiction Recovery Center is in Tifton and is designed to treat chemical dependencies of all types.  Their local phone number is 229.386.3537, and their hotline is 800.313.8199.  There are also Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for recovering alcoholics that help with sobriety - you can call  AA at 1-800-766-4653 anytime or visit the AA Georgia District 2 website to find a meeting that fits your schedule.  

The Affinity team wants you to have a safe and happy Summer - don't drink and drive!