June is Safety Month - Better Safe than Sorry!

May 30, 2015 by Molly Huff

 June has been set aside by the Home Safety Council (HSC) sponsors as Home Safety Month.  This is a great time each year to ensure you check your home for potential safety hazards - did you know many injuries and deaths each year are attributed to preventable accidents?  These tips are not just for child-proofing - they are great for any homeowner or renter to be sure your home is a safe place to be.  The HSC is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home-related injuries, and their home saftey guidelines are easy to follow and could save your life.  

Of course, accidents do happen - and those that result in minor injuries or illnesses can be treated quickly at our walk-in clinic, Affinity ExpressCare.  We are open seven-days-a-week and do not require appointments.

Here are some room-by-room guidelines that can help keep your family safe this summer.


  • Be sure to have a functioning fire extinguisher within reach
  • Lock up all poisons - keeping them away from childrens and pets
  • Keep pot handles on the stove turned inward
  • Always wear oven mitts when using the stove
  • Use child safety latches on cabinets and drawers
  • Have functioning smoke detectors in place
  • Lock up medicines away from children and pets
  • Use nightlights to prevent injury at night
  • Be sure rubber bathmats are in place to keep from slipping in the tub
  • Always check bathwater before putting babies and children in the bathtub


  • Choose a flame resistant mattress
  • Keep flashlights handy for power outages
  • Have emergency numbers and a telephone where you can get to them in a hurry
  • Use nightlights to prevent injury
  • Have functioning smoke detectors in place
  • Use outlet covers for all electrical outlets
  • Practice crib and sleepwear safety
  • Look for choking dangers
  • Use nightlights
  • Have functioning smoke detectors in place
  • Use baby gates
  • Keep window treatment cords up and out of reach


  • Consider using a pool alarm to alert you if someone falls in the pool
  • Always monitor children in the pool
  • Surround pool with fencing and keep pool gates locked
  • Prevent falls with a "No Running" rule
  • Keep all pool chemicals locked up and away from children and pets
  • Always wear sunscreen with at least a 20 SPF when in the sun


For more information and ways to keep your family safe this summer, visit HSC's website.  Affinity hopes you enjoy a safe, happy and healthy summer!