Growing Old With Grace

September 13, 2010 by Molly Huff

September is National Healthy Aging month – getting older is an inevitable part of life, but the way you approach your “golden years” can make all the difference in the world. It’s important to nurture all aspects of your health – mental, social and financial – as well as physical fitness. Following are some ways to look at aging in a positive light, and we’ve outlined some steps you can take to better prepare for growing older.

Physical Fitness
• Choose an exercise you like – that will help you stick with it
• Have a friend exercise with you so that you will have that extra motivation
• Do little things like taking the stairs, parking a bit farther away from the building and walking whenever possible to your destination

• Cut your cholesterol, saturated fat and refined sugar. Not only will this improve your general health and help you maintain a healthy weight, but you will notice that you feel better too
• Cook more, eat out less – when you prepare foods in your home, you have much more control over the fat, sodium and portions than when eating out in restaurants
• Check out this site for easy, healthy recipes you can try at home:

Mental Wellness
• Stay active doing things that use your memory:
o Take a class, start a card-playing group
o Volunteer your time in the community
o Seek variety and challenges in your daily life

Social Wellness
• Travel – seeing the world and exploring new things keeps you young at heart
• Keep a good sense of humor and surround yourself with positive friends and family
• Volunteer with schools and churches

Financial Fitness
• Take a hard look at finances and goals as early in your career as possible
• Realize that after you retire, you may have another 20-30 years on a fixed income – decide how much you will need to live happily and stress-free
• Meet with a financial advisor to plan for the future
• Save at every corner – here are some websites that can help: