September is Baby Safety Month: Tips on Keeping Your Little One Safe

August 31, 2011 by Molly Huff

Keeping your baby safe is a challenge at every stage - from crib safety, to childproofing your kitchen and living room, to keeping up with all recalled infant products, it  can be a full-time job just to make your own home a safe environment. 

September has been designated as Baby Safety Month, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) puts a large focus on the safe use of wearable infant products.

Wearable baby carriers continue to grow in popularity with parents and caregivers.  A carrier or sling provides security and comfort for your baby while allowing some hands-free time for mom or dad.  It is crucial to know how to properly use wearable infant products, including carefully following product instructions.

The following are descriptions of a variety of products specifically designed for carrying or "wearing your baby" along with a link to a comprehensive list of tips for using each type of carrier.

Soft Infant Carriers - These carriers consist of shoulder straps that support a fabric seat and are designed so that your baby rides on your chest.  Your child can face either inward or outward.  Soft infant carriers also can adjust so that you may wear them on your back or hip, and these carriers have adjustable settings.

Frame Infant Carriers - Frame-style carriers are made of sewn fabric on a metal or other sturdy frame.  These carriers are designed to keep your child in an upright position while carrying him/her on your back.  Frame infant carriers come in a wide variety of sizes and weights.

Slings, Wraps and Babywearing
- This type of carrier is meant to carry your child as if you are holding them.  Your child should always be across your chest in this type of carrier and you should always be sure he/she has enough air flow.

Take the opportunity during Baby Safety Month to make an appointment with Affinity Pediatrics and schedule your child's annual checkup!