Medical Examiner of Divers

Certified Medical Examiner of Divers

Benjamin Hess, M.D.

With specialized training in diving physiology and underwater medicine, Dr. Hess is the only physician in South Georgia who is an accredited Medical Examiner of Divers.  He is certified by the:

  • Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC)
  • International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
  • American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)

An annual exam is required for each of the following areas of commercial diving:

  • Offshore commercial
  • Inland commercial
  • Media
  • Archaeology
  • Recreational instructor

Because of the physical demands of scuba diving, it is recommended that recreational divers receive an annual exam as well.

What happens during a medical exam?    Dr. Hess will:

  • Check personal details and previous medicals/dive log book (where applicable)
  • Conduct an examination, including hearing test, visual test, lung test (spirometry), heart trace (ECG), urine analysis and fitness test
  • Initial examination also requires assessing a full blood count assessment

Please bring any previous medicals, log books, proof of identity (such as driver’s license or passport) and dive qualifications. Once assessed, divers passing the medical exam are given a copy of their certification.

For more information or to make appointment, please call 229-391-4100