Hospital Medicine

Affinity Hospital MedicineAffinity Clinic oversees Tift Regional Medical Center’s hospital medicine program, which provides inpatient care for patients admitted to the hospital. 

A hospital medicine provider is a primary care physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who gives care to individuals while they are in the hospital. While on duty, their time is devoted solely to caring for hospitalized patients. Affinity Clinic’s goal is to offer high quality evidence-based inpatient care that is compassionate and tailored to the unique needs of individual patients.

Primary care physicians on the TRMC medical staff, such as family physicians and internists, have the option to admit their own patients for inpatient care or they can utilize the hospital medicine program. Hospital medicine providers specialize in all aspects of a patient's care--from admission through discharge. Hospital medicine providers manage and coordinate the entire inpatient episode of care. They will keep a patient’s outpatient primary care physician informed of progress while that patient is in the hospital. 

With a policy of seamless communication, Affinity Clinic seeks to develop a true partnership in the care of the hospitalized patient between patients, family members, referring primary care physicians, attending specialists and support staff.


Hospital Medicine Providers


D. Kaine Brown, MD – Medical Director

Nugma Chadha, MD

Mark Clay, MD

Vince Faridani, MD

Catherine Featherston, MD

Gary Fischer, MD

Ruth George, MD

Brandi Holsey, MD

Cletus Moma, MD

Olushesan Martins Ogundipe, MD

Cynthia Phillips, DO

Craig Smith, MD

Rodney Tyson, MD

Cynthia Westberry, MD

Garrett Blalock, PA

Kristn Campbell, PA

Pamela Caldwell, FNP-C

Ashley Parrish, FNP-C

Libby Pieplow, PA

Joe Pitts, NP-C

Kristy Redlinger, PA

Tom Shoup, PA

Jody Seagraves, FNP-C

Kay Willingham, FNP-C